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Lumenok Lighted Arrow Nocks

Always Know Where Your Arrow Goes

The Lumenok is the most popular lighted nock on the market. The simplicity of its design and operation make it the lighted arrow nock of choice for many of today’s most progressive archers and professional bowhunters. The Lumenok adds only a few grains of weight to your arrow. No magnets are required for Lumenok function. Minimal arrow shaft end preparation and fitting are required for proper Lumenok function. The Lumenok will work with any aluminum or carbon arrow that use standard ICS components such as Gold Tip, PSE Radial X Weave, Carbon Tech, Victory, Carbon Impact, Carbon Express,  Easton and Beman. For small diameter carbons from Trophy Ridge and Easton, the Lumenok-X is available.

The Lumenok comes on when shot from your bow and stays on until you turn it off. The Lumenok's 3 volt lithium battery has a 5 year shelf life and will stay lit continuously for 40 hours. They work great for hunting and target shooting. The Lumenok aids the archer with bow tuning. You can see erratic arrow flight much better because of the light on the end of the arrow. Practicing at greater distances allows the archer to immediately associate the result of a shot with his effort. The archer’s ability to see the arrow from release to impact at distances beyond 100 yards allows unprecedented rapid feedback to the shooter, even with today’s fastest bows. If your bow needs tuning, or your form needs improvement, the Lumenok will help you realize it and address those issues. Lumenok is the simplest to use lighted arrow nock on the market, guaranteed!

The Lumenok...

Is Lightweight
It adds only a few grains to the weight of the archer's nock, depending upon model selected. Select from four model nocks.

Is Self Contained
The Lumenok requires no magnets and no glue.  It contains no switch or any other moving parts. There is nothing to attach to your bow or glue into your arrow to make it work.

Is Easy To Use
Just remove the original nocks from your arrows and insert the Lumenok. When the nock is fully seated against the electrically conductive end of the carbon or aluminum arrow shaft, the Lumenok lights. Wiggling the nock back and forth in the shaft breaks electrical contact between the arrow shaft and the Lumenok, causing the light to go off. At this point the archer can put the Lumenok equipped arrow in his quiver and forget about it. It will automatically be activated upon release of the arrow when shot, allowing the archer to more easily follow the flight of his arrow. The Lumenok will remain lit for up to 40 hours or until retrieved and is turned off by wiggling it back and forth. These nocks will operate hundreds of times.

Is Useful in Many Ways
The archer can take advantage of the Lumenok's high visibility to help in tuning his equipment. Small variations in arrow flight are easily detected because it is easier to see your arrows flight. In the field, a hunter can see where his hard-earned shot hits. In case the archer misses his shot, he can go directly to the arrow.

Is Made in America for Hunters by Hunters
The Lumenok is manufactured by hunters who developed the product from a perceived need for an aid in determining shot placement and in arrow retrieval. The Lumenok will not make you a better hunter, but it may help point to things that will allow you to enjoy better hunts.

Four types of Lumenoks are available:

The Lumenok Signature is made using a Bohning Signature nock and is available in orange and green.  The Lumenok Signature is designed for use in arrows with .244" and .245" inside diameter.  Lumenok Signature Green is not intended for use in shafts with an inside diameter larger than .245".
Lumenok Signature 11.6 grain nock + 15 grains components = 26.6 grains total weight
Lumenok Signature Green 11.6 grain nock + 19.6 grains components = 31.2 grains total weight

Recommended for:
Blackhawk -
Vapor Hunter, Pro Whitetail, Vapor Pro Series
Carbon Express - Aramid KV*, Maxima*, Terminator, Rebel, Heritage
Carbon Impact - Trophy Hunter, Stealth XLT
Easton - Lightspeed, XX-75, XX-78, Super Slam, X-7 Cobalt, Powerflight
PSE - Carbon Force, Radial X Weave, Black Mamba
Beman** - Hunter, Hunter Elite, Camo Hunter, Venture, Hunter Junior
* For proper operation, use supplied Bulldog collar w/ anodized coating removed on contact surface.
** For proper operation, fit may need adjustment by using method described in product instructions.
For proper operation, additional shaft preparation required. Refer to

The Lumenok-GT is made using a Gold Tip GT series nock.
Lumenok-GT 11 grain nock + 15 grains components = 26 grains total weight
Lumenok-GT Green 11 grain nock + 19.6 grains components = 30.6 grains total weight

Recommended for:
Gold Tip-
Pro Hunter, XT Hunter, Expedition Hunter, Ultralight Pro, Ultralight
Victory Arrows - V-Force

Lumenok-X 7 grain nock + 17.5 grains components = 24.5 grains total weight
Recommended for:
Trophy Ridge-
Crush, Blast, Hailfire, Wrath
Easton - ST Axis, Full Metal Jacket, Super Slim
Beman - MFX

Lumenok-H 9 grain nock + 17.5 grains components = 26.5 grains total weight
Recommended for:
ST Epic, ST Carbon Excel


Lumenok Lighted Arrow Nock 3-Pack


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